About Us

North Carolina Billboards

Toby Outdoor is a small business.  We are a small team of dedicated professionals, only a handful of employees and contractors, but we love what we do, and we have well over a century of experience between us.  In addition to our sales and management team, we employ an experienced, effective and dedicated force of contractors with the skill set equal to those of any of our publicly traded competitors.  This combined team of professionals, take great pride in getting it done corretly the first time.  As a privately owned small business, we are one of Americas most trusted institutions (click here)! –(Americas Most Trusted jpeg image)

We take personal satisfaction in helping our customers achieve their advertising goals and we enjoy the challenge of helping our advertisers maximize the advantages and opportunities inherent in outdoor advertising.   We understand that our product directly reflects the quality of the product advertised and we take great pride in delivering an excellent quality product. 

Toby Outdoor routinely contributes in the communities we serve.  Every year Toby Outdoor provides discounted Outdoor Advertising coverage to eligible non-profit and community service organizations.  Eligible groups receive discounted rate on space. Public Service advertisers are afforded the same service, privilege and contract guarantees as non-discounted Toby clients.

Toby Outdoor Advertising, Inc., (predecessor to Toby Outdoor LLC) was founded in 1984 by Jim Troy.  Mr Troy’s career in the outdoor business began as an apprentice in operations and sign maintenance in 1971. This apprenticeship lasted 7 years, thru-out high school and college.  Working the business from the ground up (literally and figuratively) has yielded firsthand expertise in the maintenance, construction, leasing, engineering, and regulatory challenges of the Outdoor Advertising industry.  This diversity of experience helps our team exploit opportunities that other companies routinely overlook.

Toby Outdoor is an industry leader and we are active in our state industry trade group, The North Carolina Outdoor Advertising Association.

Many customers have asked where our company got its name.  We are proud to say that Toby Outdoor is named after a family dog!

Many of our largest structures are engineered to allow them to be “split” into two separate poster sized sign faces.  This allows advertisers to cover a larger geographic area with multiple displays, stretching their advertising budget.  Review the location profile to see if the selected structure can be split.